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A clear majority of Germans supports an extension of the corona lockdown beyond January 31. In a Poll by the polling institute YouGov spoke on behalf of the German Press Agency 40 percent even for a tightening of the existing measures to contain the pandemic, a further 21 percent are in favor of maintaining the previous restrictions. Just 13 percent called for an end to the lockdown, 17 percent for a relaxation. 8 percent did not provide any information.

The number of lockdown opponents has increased only slightly compared to the beginning of January. At that time, 11 percent were in favor of abolishing all measures against the spread of the virus and 17 percent in favor of mitigation.

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is discussing a further extension with the Prime Ministers of the federal states this Tuesday the tough lockdown decided in mid-December with the closure of most shops, hotels and restaurants as well as schools and daycare centers. In addition, it should be about tightening, with which the spread of highly contagious virus mutations in Germany should be prevented.

For example, new rules for home office, a night curfew and an expansion of the mask requirement are under discussion. The acceptance for such measures is relatively high.

HOMEOFFICE: In the survey, 70 percent of those questioned were in favor of requiring companies to work from home during the lockdown – as far as possible.

EXIT LOCK: 56 percent are in favor of a night curfew, as it already existed or still exists in other countries such as France. Only 36 percent are against it.

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MASKING OBLIGATION: Since Monday you have to wear FFP2 masks in buses, trains and shops in Bavaria, which protect particularly well against transmission of the virus. A majority of 60 percent is in favor of expanding this measure to the whole of Germany – 36 percent, however, only if the masks are distributed free of charge to everyone.

SCHOOLS: When schools close, respondents are divided. 40 percent are in favor of keeping them closed. 37 percent believe that face-to-face teaching should be possible again with restrictions. 16 percent are in favor of normalizing school operations.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Again, there is no clear picture. 43 percent are against restricting the operation of buses and trains, 39 percent are in favor. 10 percent are even in favor of a complete suspension of local public transport. (dpa)

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