Coronavirus in Italy was an emergency. Latest news

To deal with the Coronavirus epidemic (2019-nCoV), which left the Chinese city of Wuhan, Italy yesterday decided to proclaim the state of emergency. In our country there are two confirmed cases: a couple of Chinese tourists. Their conditions, according to the latest bulletin issued by Spallanzani of Rome, where they are hospitalized, are “fair”. Another 13 patients from areas of China affected by the epidemic are hospitalized in the same hospital: they underwent the coronavirus test, the outcome of which is still awaited. In addition, there are 20 people under observation after making contact with the Chinese tourist couple.

15:30 – The appeal of the principals to the Minister of Education

The Ministry of Education has issued a circular to the Regional School Offices and schools prepared by the Ministry of Health with “indications for the management of students and teachers returning or leaving to affected areas of China”. The circular, which is also being published on the website of the Ministry of Education, comes after the appeal addressed to the holder of the dicastery by the president of the National Association of Principals (PNA) Antonello Giannelli, who in a letter asked to “issue as soon as possible precise indications for schools to adopt correct and homogeneous behavior throughout the national territory »with regard to the management of risks related to coronavirus. “There are some cases of pupils / students who recently went to China and this is fueling the onset of widespread fears,” explains Giannelli.

15:00 – The situation in Veneto

The Chinese tourist couple suffering from coronavirus, and now hospitalized at Spallanzani in Rome, spent one night and Verona (here all the stages of their journey). But for the moment there is no evidence of contagions neither in the city of Verona, nor in other places in the Veneto region, as the president of the region, Luca Zaia said in a press conference. Across the Veneto region it registered only one suspect case according to official health parameters (acute respiratory failure, cough, fever greater than 38): it is a Brazilian citizen who was in Verona and came from China. Yes, the analyzes were carried out immediately the test failed. Other samples from the Veneto region were also analyzed and taken from people who had had recent contacts with China: they were also negative.

2.30 pm – Patients recovered in China

The Chinese National Health Commission has announced that 243 people have been discharged from the hospital after being healed following coronavirus infection.

1.40 pm – China’s request to Europe

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has asked the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen to help and encourage the most urgent supplies of medical supplies from EU member countries through business channels. It is the result of a phone call between the two leaders, according to Chinese media.

12:15 pm – Spallanzani’s bulletin: «Couple in fair condition»

The health conditions of the Chinese couple coronavirus positive and currently hospitalized in the Spallanzani hospital in Rome remain discreet. This was announced by the new medical bulletin, stressing that the 65-year-old woman accused “nausea and vomiting”, while the 66-year-old man presents “a picture of bilateral alveolar interstitial pneumonia” and “fever associated with cough and asthenia” .
The negative test by the Romanian worker who works in the hotel in Rome where the two Chinese stayed was also confirmed.
Spallanzani also makes it known that they are hospitalized “13 patients from areas of China affected by the epidemic”: they have all been tested for the new coronavirus, the results are expected. Another 13 people were isolated and discharged after tests showed that they had not contracted the new coronavirus. Instead, they remain 20 people under observation “Who have had contact with the Chinese couple positive for new coronavirus infection.” “They are all in good general condition and their health is not a concern”, concludes the bulletin.

11:30 am – Tests on suspect patients in Lombardy

The laboratories of the Policlinico San Matteo of Pavia have analyzed 33 suspected cases of coronavirus from Lombardy: these are people of Chinese nationality, all come from Milan except one, which comes from Cremona. The cases were analyzed by the laboratory of Molecular Virology and Microbiology of the polyclinic San Matteo di Pavia. For all, the outcome was negative. Councilor Gallera reiterates that for now there is no contagion, and adds: “We are ready to handle any type of situation”. Here the in-depth analysis on the situation in Lombardy, by the Milan editorial staff of Courier service.

11:00 am – The new death toll from China

The number of people infected with the new coronavirus in China has risen to more than 11 thousand, while 259 have died. Health authorities in central China’s Hubei province, the epicenter of the epidemic, said this. In the province alone, 1,347 new cases were reported, 7,153 in all. Isolated Wuhan, which has 11 million inhabitants, and other cities in China.

10:40 am – Beijing asks citizens to postpone marriages

The Chinese authorities have asked to postpone marriages and to reduce the funeral times to limit the spread of coronavirus in the country, as stated in a note from the Ministry of Civil Affairs. February 2 of this year is considered a lucky date for the sequence of numbers “02022020”. Beijing, Shanghai and other cities had initially decided to offer the possibility of getting married on this date, despite the fact that it occurs on Sunday when the offices are normally closed, but now, in light of the evolution of the epidemic, citizens have been invited to suspend ceremonies and banquets. The Ministry of Civil Affairs also asked that the funeral ceremonies they are held “simply and quickly to avoid gatherings of people”. Coronavirus victims’ bodies should be cremated as soon as possible, the note adds.

08:40 – Apple closes offices and stores in China

Apple has announced the closure of all its stores and offices in China until February 9th, according to a note from the giant from Cupertino. The online stores will instead remain operational.

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