Coronavirus in Spain live: restrictions in Madrid and confinement | Last minute for vaccinations, today


The president of United States, Joe Biden, has promised this Tuesday that, by the end of July of this year, “all Americans who wish” will be able to get vaccinated, a promise that has been accompanied by another 600 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine for that same date.

During an event in the city of Milwaukee, organized by the American television network CNN, Biden has made reference to the announcement that the Government issued last week, in which they detailed that both Pfizer and Moderna had committed to deliver 300 million vaccines each by the end of July, allowing all American adults to be vaccinated.

In this sense, the president explained that they have achieved “that will be ahead of time to deliver because we use the National Defense Law to help the manufacturing part, to get more equipment. “

According to the US media, Biden would refer to the Defense Production Law, a legislative framework that allows the Administration to nationalize commercial production in cases of emergency.

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