Coronavirus in Spain today, live | New measures and restrictions, vaccines and the latest news

Lhe global coronavirus pandemic exceeds 2.5 million dead worldwide, according to the Johns Hopkins University baseline count. The number of infected It amounts to more than 115.5 million.

Spain coronavirus data: cases and deaths

The Ministry of Health reported this Thursday that COVID-19 has already left 71,138. dead and that they have registered 3,149,012 cases diagnosed in Spain since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus in Spain and in the world today, live

08:30 | Tickets sold out for the Love of Lesbian concert without social distance

In just a few hours, the 5,000 tickets for the Love of Lesbian concert at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona on March 27 were sold out. An event “without social distance and in a safe environment”, as announced by the promoter.

08:15 | A combination of monoclonal antibodies could neutralize the variants

A cocktail of monoclonal antibodies to neutralize the coronavirus is effective against variants of the virus, according to a study carried out in cell cultures, led by the University of Washington and published in ‘Nature Medicine’. The researchers determined the capacity of these monoclonal antibodies, as well as of the antibodies isolated from “convalescent plasma”, to neutralize the variants of the virus that emerged in the United Kingdom, South Africa or Brazil.

08:00 | Dr. Carballo asks to “copy now” the strategy of selling antigen tests in supermarkets

Dr. Csar Carballo has advocated “copying now” Germany’s strategy of selling antigen tests in supermarkets. In the opinion of the doctor, this is “very good news”, and he has insisted on “the need to liberalize the self-tests” of the coronavirus.

07:45 | Coronavirus Argentina: districts in Formosa due to strict quarantine

About 60 people have been arrested in the Argentine city of Formosa, in the north of the country, in a protest sparked by the decision of the provincial authorities to return to the strictest phase of quarantine for the coronavirus. The Police had to repress with gas and rubber bullets hundreds of protesters who were heading towards the government house where they demolished security fences.

07:30 | California relaxes measures and plans to reopen Disneyland and stadiums in April

California hopes to reopen Disneyland and stadiums in April by relaxing criteria for public admission during the pandemic. The decision was made due to pressure from attraction operators and a sharp decline in the number of cases. From April 1, these places will be able to operate subject to conditions set by their counties and with a reduced capacity.

07:15 | WHO calls on Brazil to take “aggressive measures”

“The situation is very serious and we are very concerned. The sanitary measures that Brazil takes should be aggressive, at the same time that it advances in vaccination,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organization.

07:00 | Health detects 6 cases of the Californian variant and monitors another 10 strains

The Ministry of Health has reported that six infections have already been detected in Spain by the Californian variant, one of the most dangerous that currently exist. Health has also indicated that it monitors a total of up to 10 different strains, after adding to the list three new ones: the one from New York, another originating in Uganda and a last one expanded in Portugal. None of these three, however, are positive in our country.


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