Coronavirus: in the province the vaccination of those over 70 years old was delayed, and they promise that it will be tomorrow

Vaccination for Covid-19 of the over 70 in the province of Buenos Aires will finally start tomorrow, instead of today as announced from the local Ministry of Health. In the afternoon, the points set up in the municipalities were still being organized and the doses were being distributed. For the day, 8153 seniors were assigned shifts.

“We have been vaccinating the elderly in nursing homes, health workers, teachers and assistants over 60 for two weeks. But tomorrow we already start with those over 70. Tomorrow early, from 6 o’clock, the delivery of doses to all the vaccination sites will be completed ”, said Leticia Ceriani, Undersecretary of Information Management of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health.

The official said that of the 135,000 doses of the first component of the Sputnik received by the province this week, they distributed 134,500. To these units will be added another 235,000 of the Covishield vaccine, from AstraZeneca, from the shipment that arrived yesterday at dawn.

For these vaccines, 95,068 shifts were delivered until the 26th of this month: 48,412 to those over 60, with priority to those over 70; 6,828 to teachers and 39,828 to health workers.

And, until Sunday, another 119,000 shifts will be assigned, according to Provincial Health. The majority (80% or 95,200) will be for teachers and the rest (20% or 23,800) for non-institutionalized older adults who registered on the site

Ceriani said that, in the case of the elderly, the assignment of the day, time and place of vaccination assigned online is being reinforced by telephone and that volunteers will guide them with the circuit to follow. After the application, they will have to wait 30 minutes for observation and they will be informed about the care to follow. In addition, they will have shady areas and water for hydration.

“Of the prioritized groups, the elderly are the ones that require the most assistance and accompaniment. in this campaign. When selecting the vaccination points that are assigned to them, the distance is taken into account, that it is on the ground floor and there are ramps to facilitate access, ”said Ceriani.

In EnsenadaIn the middle of the afternoon, personnel from the municipality’s Health Secretariat installed a gazebo, the chairs, the nursing area and the supplies that the vaccinators will use in the Santiago de Liniers Middle School No. 2, in Punta Lara. There, until the 28th of this month, the first dose will be applied to older adults, teachers and health personnel who still could not receive it.

As in the rest of the province, the last weekend of this month the vaccination posts of the schools will be moved to start classes on March 1st.

At 7.30, the first 600 doses for this new stage of the campaign will arrive at the school. An hour and a half later, they will receive the first person of the 150 who received their turn for tomorrow. You already know that this amount will be repeated in the next four days.

“The vaccines arrive early tomorrow morning”, said Mariana Estévez, secretary of Health of the municipality. “The target populations are added to a list with assigned shifts for the next four days, and so on. What we observe in the list is that there are still health personnel who for some reason were not vaccinated; there is a lot of absenteeism, probably due to moonlighting and because the shift cannot be chosen. Now teachers and the group of over 60s are starting to join, which at first will be the largest. From the hospitals we can assign staff shifts, but we don’t have vaccines. “

The municipality is also vaccinating at the Horacio Cestino Hospital and the El Dique Hospital, which is provincial and corresponds to Health Region XI. In the first, the scheme is being completed with the second dose of Sputnik in the health personnel of Ensenada. Estévez estimated that they will need to apply a hundred doses to complete the vaccination of the 900 prioritized workers.

An hour and a half away, towards the north of the suburbs, at Escuela Nº 12 Domingo F. Sarmiento de Villa Adelina, San Isidro, the doses for the elderly had already been received. There he will be vaccinated until the end of the month, while the vaccination of health personnel continues. Meanwhile, IOMA, the provincial social work, will immunize teachers and non-teaching staff of the education system. PAMI will continue to be in charge of the vaccination of residents of nursing homes.

The district has 70,000 residents considered a population at risk for Covid-19, according to Juan Viaggio, secretary of Public Health of San Isidro. “The vaccination depends on the Ministry of Health of the province and tomorrow they begin to vaccinate the group of more than 70 in a school,” said the official.

Next week, the San Isidro hospital will be joined by the Boulogne hospital for health personnel, some 8,700 doctors, nurses and technicians from the public and private sectors. About 3,000 have already completed the scheme. “Almost 70% of the public system personnel are immunized,” he added.

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