Coronavirus infection in the USA: NBA season interrupted

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An NBA game was canceled just minutes before kick-off because a player was infected with the corona virus. The basketball season was interrupted a little later. Other professional leagues also responded.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an interruption in the NBA season. Shortly before, a Utah Jazz professional basketball player had tested positive for Sars-Covid V-2.

At first only the game against Oklahoma City Thunder by international Dennis Schröder was canceled, but was then interrupted for the whole season. The players were already on the pitch when the referees gathered and the teams sent off the field a little later. After a period of various entertainment activities, spectators were informed about the cancellation due to “unforeseeable circumstances” about half an hour after the scheduled start of the game and were asked to leave the hall.

What about the college championships?

The Dallas Mavericks’ encounter with the Denver Nuggets remains the last NBA game played indefinitely. The game was already in the third quarter when the NBA’s decision became public. Dallas won 113: 97.

“This is scary. If you lose a game, you get upset,” said Nuggets head coach Michael Malone. “But if you take a step back, you’ll realize that it affects millions of people around the world.”

It is still unclear how it will go on with the very popular college championships, the so-called “March Madness”. The tournaments are supposed to take place – but without spectators.

After the Italian soccer league Serie A, the NBA is the second internationally important sports league, which due to the new corona virus interrupts their game. In contrast to Serie A, which, like all sporting events in Italy, is paused until April 3, the decision of the NBA applies indefinitely.

NHL without viewers

The games of the ice hockey professional league NHL took place on schedule. The Columbo Blue Jackets are said to be playing against the Pittspurgh Penguins today without spectators. The next home games of the San Jose Sharks will also take place without fans. However, the situation was expected to be reassessed by the NHL later in the day.

The North American football league MLS announced that the games scheduled for March 21 by the Seattle Sounders against FC Dallas and the San Jose Earthquakes against Sporting KC from Kansas City would be postponed due to corresponding decrees in the respective districts.

The Tagesschau reported on this topic on March 12, 2020 at 4:58 a.m.



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