Coronavirus: infection through fart – researchers make a curious study

It has long been known that the coronavirus is transmitted via aerosols. But farts should also play an important role in the infection. What’s behind it?

To protect ourselves and others from the coronavirus, we have been wearing a face mask for months. But what if the face mask doesn’t help as expected and there are other forms of infection? Farts, for example, reports*.

If it were up to Australian doctors then that could actually be the truth. According to a curious study, you could actually infect with the corona virus by puffing*. This is due to aerosols, which are released into the environment through flatulence.

Aerosols are normally produced when sneezing or coughing and can ensure that pathogens such as the coronavirus are swirled through the air within a very short time. This could especially happen when puffing if you let one drive without a covered rear end. But who does that? * RUHR24 is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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