Coronavirus | Johnson & Johnson expects its vaccine to cost less than $ 10 and be ready in 2021

The pharmaceutical Janssen, belonging to the multinational Johnson & Johnson, plan to have the vaccine against COVID-19 for the second half of 2021 at a price of less than 10 dollars.

This was revealed this Thursday by the vice president of the Executive Committee of Johnson & Johnson, Joaquín Duato.

The Pfizer and Moderna first clinical results, with 95% efficiency, are figures that suppose “good omens” for the rest of the pharmaceutical companies focused on the same protein, he pointed out.

As reported by the director of Johnson & Johnson, the pharmaceutical company has worked in the supply chain to be able to offer one billion vaccines in 2021 through a collaborative network.

“During the next six months there will be good news, we can see how these effective vaccines will be available to the public”Emphasized Duato, who took the opportunity to emphasize that the vaccine his team works on will also guarantee“ the quality and safety standards ”announced by other companies in the sector.

The speaker applauded the collaboration between partners in the pharmaceutical industry to find a vaccine: “It is not a competitive situation, it is a social issue and a global crisis in which we will need several vaccines, not just one, because we must vaccinate millions of people “.

To guarantee the vaccination of the population, Johnson & Johnson works together with governments on access and distribution plans, as is the case of COVAX, a project to which they will allocate 500 million doses of their production for the lowest-income countries.

From the multinational they assure that the price will not focus on profit: “We will seek to guarantee access to the vaccine in all territories, the price will not be more than 10 dollars per vaccine.”

(With information from EFE)


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