News Coronavirus: local police and firefighters go to the Ombudsman...

Coronavirus: local police and firefighters go to the Ombudsman for the “lack of means”


The police and firefighters union SPPLB has sent a letter to the Ombudsman, Francisco M. Fernández Marugán, to denounce “the lack of means in which the local police, port police and fire departments throughout the Spanish State are working” in the current coronavirus crisis.

The union emphasizes that the agents, due to the state of alarm, carry out “thousands of controls on public roads, identifications and others, and in some of these controls they can be infected, which, in turn, can lead to contaminating citizens circulating on public roads, both on foot and by vehicle, when identified. ” All this, “for being the low-quality material, which does not correspond to the very important and complex mission that we are carrying out,” they affirm.

The union organization regrets that all these professionals are “in a
helplessness situation
 by the entities that should ensure our safety. ”

In this line, they consider that “the vast majority of city councils, port authorities and provincial councils, on which the Fire Consortiums depend, do not carry out the cleaning and disinfection work of the police and fire fighting units, both in the areas accessible by the public, such as changing rooms, gunsmiths, toilets, work areas, computers, vehicles, etc. ”

They also do not contemplate, they point out, “laundry services for the cleaning and disinfection of uniforms, in order to avoid taking them to private homes.”

“All this clearly violates the rules for the prevention of occupational hazards, leaving public employees in a serious situation in front of the Covid-19,” they conclude. .


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