Coronavirus: López-Gatell asks the press to promote the use of face masks, despite the fact that at first he did not believe in their effectiveness

COVID-19 :

During his participation in the National Transparency Week 2020, López-Gatell stressed that the media should bear the costs of health promotion.

Hugo Lopez-Gatell, Under Secretary for Health, asked the means of communication do not politicize information on COVID-19[feminine[feminine in Mexico, who asked use your spaces for foment the use of masque in the population.

During your participation in the National Transparency Week 2020, López-Gatell Ramírez pointed out that communication means should bear the costs of health promotion to help reduce the pandemic by Mexico.

“We had, in my opinion, a fruitless discussion regarding the indication that the use of the mask was not recommended enough. The people who shaped this debate, from the media, businesses, front pages, national newspapers, radio, television to social media, would make more effective welfare communication if, instead of focusing the conversation on this, the they will focus on promoting the use of face masks, ”he said.

What could be better than on the first pages than instead of appearing a red note type approach where the political dye confrontation stands out, the first page would be devoted to “using your face mask” or the internal pages, which they would bear the costs of these spaces to promote health instead of governments doing it, they would make a better contribution, ”he said.

López-Gatell Ramírez asked at the start of the pandemic about the effectiveness masque in the confinement of coronavirus , as he assured that there was no scientific evidence to support it

After the assistant secretary from Health recommended the use of masque “Only in confined spaces and where the ‘healthy distance’ cannot be maintained”, although he stressed that “this is not a sufficiently effective and efficient barrier to prevent a person who does not want to be infected, d ‘to be infected

Even President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador He refuses to use the mask in public, in addition to saying that it is not known with “certainty” if they work.

“I don’t wear (a mask) because I keep my distance and because the doctor told me that it is not necessary if I am not infected, that it must be put on so as not to infect. other people, ”the President told Health Secretary Jorge Alcocer and Under-Secretary López-Gatell on November 3

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