Coronavirus: Marine Le Pen surfs the crisis

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Faced with the gravity of the crisis facing the government, left and right had decided to bury the hatchet – momentarily. And to spare Emmanuel Macron, captain at the heart of an unprecedented sanitary storm, the skirmishes that make up the daily life of political life. But not Marine Le Pen. On the contrary. We have rarely heard so much the patron of the National Rally for ten days, not stingy with tackles, all addressed to the management of the crisis by the executive. In the media, on the radio as on TV, or via his Twitter account, where we have never seen so many daily claws stamped “MLP”. Proof that she signs them in person, which is usually quite rare.

Le Pen goes to the front: accusations of lying against the government, demands that the French be “told the truth”, the deputy (RN) for Pas de Calais has fired all fire. And there is no question of standing behind “national unity”. Irresponsible? “From the start of this health crisis, I participated in attracting the attention of the government, unfortunately without success,” she again repeated earlier this week on Europe 1. This is the outfit in which the head of Party tries to drape itself: that of a whistleblower, who would have been right before the others, while the crisis would come to debate some of his favorite themes.

“We have been asking for the reindustrialisation of the country for years”

Beyond the postures, a fact: the frontist boss will indeed have been among the first to alert about the lack of masks, the need to produce them in France rather than depending too much on foreigners – evidenced by a question asked to the Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn at the time, in the Assembly on February 11. “We are not geniuses, we watched the Chinese and Italian scenarios. So when there are faults committed by the State, it must be said ”, asserts Philippe Olivier, adviser to Le Pen. “We have been asking for the reindustrialisation of the country for years, especially on the question of drugs. There, we have a glitch, then the consequences are visible ”, continues Sébastien Chenu, deputy for the North and spokesperson for the RN.

VIDEO. Coronavirus: Marine Le Pen denounces the government’s “total inconsistency”

In fact, certain themes raised by the RN have arrived on the table – on the consequences of globalization, the sovereignty of France in certain fields. And taken up by the other parties. “Can we continue to organize our economy in the same way tomorrow?” Can we not ask ourselves tomorrow the question of the independence of our country, the independence of Europe? “Wondered Wednesday the president (LR) of the Senate Gérard Larcher, about the production of masks, or certain drugs.

“All that could serve her … if she were credible”

Marine Le Pen, already declared candidate for the next presidential election, will she emerge strengthened from this troubled period? Nothing obvious. Because if the catastrophist rhetoric of the RN finds an echo necessarily more important in times of crisis, its solutions are not validated by all. “For now, it is the rating of the President of the Republic which goes up in a significant proportion, explains to Express, Jean-Yves Camus, director of the Observatory of political radicalities at the Jean Jaurès foundation. But I have the impression that at the end of this crisis, the French will say to themselves that all of Marine Le Pen’s proposals are not completely out of whack. ”

“Where she has something, this is what she says about the need for political voluntarism of the state,” recognizes a senior leader of the right. Before torpedoing her: “All this could serve her if she were credible. But it is not. The French are not ready to entrust their health to him. In times of crisis, they do not turn to sorcerer’s apprentices ”.


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