Coronavirus masks, with or without: here’s what happens

While it seems that in some contexts the masks have been forgotten and the decision of the Lombardy Region on the maintenance of the obligation to wear the masks even outdoors, expiring on June 30, is expected on Monday, an empirical (but very effective) “demonstration” of the filtering power of the masks comes on social media from Richard Davis, Director of the clinical microbiology laboratory at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington. The professor studied an experiment that went viral.

Sing, tossire, starnutire

«What does a mask do – wrote Davis on Twitter -? Blocks respiratory droplets from the mouth and throat. Two simple demonstrations: first, I sneezed, sang, spoke and coughed towards an agar culture plate with or without a mask. The colonies of bacteria show where the droplets have landed. A mask blocks practically all of them ». The demonstration is shown in the photo below. Obviously in this case it is bacteria that are normally present in people’s respiratory droplets (large and heavy ones) and it is not SARS-CoV-2 virus, but you can see how a surgical mask blocks most of the droplets.

(see Dr. Richard Davis / Twitter)
(see Dr. Richard Davis / Twitter)

The distancing

The second demonstration explains the relevance of the spacing together with the effectiveness of the masks. “I put the open bacterial culture plates 2, 4 and 6 feet apart and coughed for about 15 seconds. I repeated the experiment without a mask, “writes the doctor. The distances are 60 cm, 120 and 180. As can be seen from the number of colonies of bacteria, the droplets have mostly landed at distances below 180 cm, but the mask has blocked almost all of them (see photo below).

(see Dr. Richard Davis / Twitter)
(see Dr. Richard Davis / Twitter)

It is a demonstration and not an experiment

Davis is also aware that there is nothing “scientific” in his demonstration but “the colonies of normal bacteria that come from my mouth / throat – he writes – show the dynamics of the spread of large respiratory droplets, like the ones we think mainly spread # COVID19 and how a mask can block them! ».

Mask 4 all

The use of masks together with social distancing and hand washing remain effective anti-contagion measures and without negative impact as the closures of entire production sectors, activities or the limit of marriage towards people can have. Beyond what the ordinances prescribe, they depend entirely on us and are part of that commitment that, as citizens, we can put in place against the virus. We know that the virus prefers gatherings and closed and crowded spaces. We then regulate the use of masks based on what we have learned so far and the circumstances.

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2 thoughts on “Coronavirus masks, with or without: here’s what happens”

  1. Biggest issue is that Dr. Richard Davis is a ghost on the Internet. He has a twitter account and lists himself as director of the microbiology lab at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. Usually a Dr. of that stature should appear in search results immediately. Not this guy. He is a literal ghost. No info about him anywhere, there is a blank LinkedIn with no photo and no info for this guy. Literal his only internet existence is on Twitter. Nothing on the hospitals site and the hospital lists a blood work lab but no microbiology lab. Seems odd that a doctor and someone who looks as young as the dude in his twitter photo has no existence on the Internet. I’m calling Shenanigans on this one. Plus CDC and WHO have already confirmed face masks are not necessary. Why is a ghost showing us this, why isn’t every doctor saying this then.

  2. There are several problems with this visual. First many dare I say thousands of people who wear masks are ill fitting . Many gaps on the sides of the face and under chin. Air takes path of least resistance. Next face masks are made of several types of materials. All materials are not created equal. Then there are the people who reuse disposable masks and don’t keep cloth masks washed. There thousands upon thousands of people who constantly touch their masks with their hands to readjust, pull down, pull up etc. Noses constantly popping out. One of the most important issues with masks is the scientific efficacy of the non sick general public wearings masks. We want the science behind all materials using the same size virus as covid-19 alone. Not in conjunction with proper hand washing. The scientific studies need to be on masks of all materials themselves. Show me the science.
    Another note. Humans have all kinds of bacteria good and bad and we do not get sick from them. This petri dish visual is all of us. We have bacteria on us and in us. Additionally Covid-19 is not a death sentence.


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