Coronavirus Mexico today June 4. ‘Do not leave your houses, Covid-19 epidemic may be more serious’: López-Gatell

Hugo López-Gatell, undersecretary of Health, asked the population tonight not to leave their house since the Covid-19 epidemic can be perpetuated and become more serious. Photo: Notimex


Hugo López-Gatell, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, asked the population tonight not to leave their house since the Covid-19 epidemic can be perpetuated and become more serious.

“Right now, the whole country is at a red light; do not leave your houses, do not open companies, do not open non-essential shops; there is no justification for this and it can put the epidemic in danger of perpetuating, becoming more serious, ”he said.

López-Gatell Ramírez explained the danger that exists at the time of the reopening, after the coronavirus pandemic, and stressed that “the number of infections tomorrow depends on the number of contagious cases today.”

“That is why we make that emphasis of the last 14 days, because the active cases of the last 14 days are the burden that drives tomorrow’s contagions, and tomorrow’s, the day after tomorrow, etc. So, the more cases that remain active, if it is opened at that moment, the stronger the number of infections, the greater the number of infections; if there are few cases left and it opens, the number of infections is lower, even for the same level of opening, “he added.

He added that if there are early signs of a rebound in the epidemic; that is, if the epidemiological curve begins to stabilize or rises, “we are going backwards.”

“Hopefully we do not have to do it nationally, hopefully we can do it regionally, by state or even in some cases within a state, by a segment, and we are going to see it in an active way and that is the traffic light, to be able to see it as early as possible ”, he clarified.

Deaths from Covid-19 in Mexico could reach 35 thousand

The undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, estimated this Thursday that the death toll from Covid-19 in Mexico could reach 35 thousand.

“There is not a single general estimate, but we preserve in a referential way this idea that this academic year could reach up to 30,000 or even 35,000 deaths, each and every unfortunate,” López-Gatell highlighted during a virtual working meeting. with the Political Coordination Board of the Chamber of Deputies.

He stressed that once the pandemic in the US, Canada, Western Europe and other countries has passed, there is more information, “which has led us to visualize the advisability of having local estimates.”

“Do not assume at any time how this idea of ​​today would still appear to be present and is mistaken in the consciousness of some people that there is only one national epidemic,” he stressed.

On the other hand, he explained that the national curve could be projected until October, if we consider the end of the epidemic curve predicted for Monterrey, while the greatest decrease will occur when “in Mexico City and the conurbations of the streets we begin to see steadily the decrease in cases ”.


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