Coronavirus: New infections in Salzburg highest on Tuesday

In the past 24 hours (as of Tuesday 9.30 a.m.), 316 new corona infections have been registered in Austria – the third highest number of new infections in July. Yesterday there were 263, exactly a week ago 218 cases, according to figures from the Ministry of Interior and Health.

There has been no new death since Sunday, and the pandemic has claimed 10,729 deaths in Austria since the outbreak. 639,831 people have recovered since the beginning of the pandemic, and 131 people were considered healthy again in the past 24 hours. The seven-day incidence in Austria was 24.6 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.


Most new corona infections in Salzburg

  • Burgenland: 4
  • Carinthia: 16
  • Lower Austria: 34
  • Oberösterreich: 44
  • Salzburg: 83
  • Steiermark: 31
  • Tirol: 31
  • Vorarlberg: 25
  • Wien: 48


The high number of new infections in Salzburg could be with growing clusters like those around the Tree bar in Kaprun, related.

39 people in intensive care units

There were 124 people in the hospital, 14 more than reported on Monday. 39 people were cared for in intensive care units – a number that, apart from the past nine days in July, most recently on September 9 of the previous year, was undercut with 36 intensive care patients across Austria.

Almost 30,000 vaccinations on Monday

On Monday, 29,742 vaccinations were carried out in Austria. According to the data in the e-vaccination pass, 5,155,547 have already received at least one partial vaccination: that is 57.7 percent of the population – in Vienna and Lower Austria, the one million mark for at least first-time vaccinated people was exceeded within the past week. 45.7 percent of people in Austria are already fully immunized (4,085,306)

46 percent fully immunized in Salzburg

The number of fully immunized is highest in Burgenland (52.6 percent), followed by Vorarlberg (51.4 percent), Lower Austria (48.8 percent), Salzburg (46.1 percent), Carinthia (45.4 percent), Tyrol (44.8 percent), Styria (43.1 percent), Vienna (42.9 percent) and Upper Austria (42.7 percent). The largest difference between the number of people with a first vaccination and the number of those who have been fully immunized is thus in Styria – 14.7 percent of people did without a second vaccination or are still waiting for part two of the vaccination – the difference is smallest in Vorarlberg, with 5.4 percent.


Over half a million corona tests per day

A total of 572,134 PCR and rapid antigen tests were performed in the past 24 hours. Of these, 67,695 were PCR tests. The positive rate of the PCR tests was 0.47 percent. This 24-hour figure is below last week’s average of 0.6 percent.

(Those: APA)

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