Coronavirus November 17. Mexico adds 1,111,000 Covid cases and 99,000 deaths

Mexico registered 165 new deaths this Tuesday due to the pandemic of the Covid-19, bringing the number of fatalities to 99,026 in the country, informed authorities of the Health Secretary.

In addition, in the last 24 hours, 1 thousand 757 new infections were registered, for a total of 1 million 11 thousand 153 confirmed cases.

With these figures, Mexico is the eleventh country with the most contagion and the fourth with the most absolute deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

In the daily technical report of the pandemic, increases of 0.16% in deaths and 0.17% in infections were confirmed, in contrast to the figures of the previous day, when there were 98 thousand 861 deaths and 1 million 9 thousand 396 infections.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, on February 28, 2,618,363 patients have been studied in Mexico who had a positivity rate of 39%, reported the director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health, José Luis Alomía, at a press conference in Palacio National.

Among the group of patients studied there are 1 million 11 thousand, 153 who had a positive for the viral infection, 1 million 233 thousand 643 with a negative result and 373 thousand 567 remain as suspected cases.

Suspected cases are classified by the health authorities into those who do not have a sample (190 thousand 850), those who have no possibility of having a result (121 thousand 372) and those who wait to know the diagnosis of their test (61 thousand 345) .

Alomía highlighted that 757,951 patients are classified as recovered persons.

The projections of the Mexican authorities indicate that there are currently 1 million 169 thousand 846 estimated cases in the country and pointed out that 3% of the estimated cases, corresponding to 38 thousand 497, are the estimated active cases that represent the active epidemic in the country, being patients who developed their symptoms in the last 14 days.

The official pointed out that the health authorities currently have 15,272 suspicious deaths that are classified as those that do not have a sample (10,566), those that will not have a diagnosis (4,263) and those that can (443) .

So far 10 entities in the country accumulate 62% of deaths from coronavirus and Mexico City, by itself, registers 16% of all deaths nationwide.

The official data of the pandemic in Mexico have generated controversy since its beginning at the end of February, since the health authorities have ruled out doing massive tests on the population and have focused on preparing hospitals for serious cases.

This day, the health authorities indicated that Jalisco, Mexico City and Nuevo León are the three areas “most difficult to control” this because they have the largest metropolitan areas and that makes the population density, mobility and the absolute number of people make epidemic control more difficult.

In the eight months of the pandemic in Mexico, Covid-19 has established itself as the fourth cause of death in Mexico, behind heart disease, diabetes and malignant tumors, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

* See here the full broadcast of the conference on coronavirus cases in Mexico, from the National Palace:



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