Coronavirus NY prepares fines for clinics that do not respect priorities in vaccination against Covid

NY. The New York authorities announced this Monday that they will impose fines of up to one million dollars and the withdrawal of licenses to doctors or clinics that make fraud with the Covid-19 vaccines, for example administering them to people who do not have priority.

“We are not going to tolerate any fraud in the vaccination process,” state governor Andrew Cuomo said at a press conference in which he assured that this measure seeks to “send a very clear signal to providers that if they violate the law about these vaccinations, we are going to find and pursue them. “

Cuomo’s announcement comes after New York authorities reported this weekend that they are investigating the Parcare network of clinics for allegedly having fraudulently obtained doses of vaccines and ignoring guidelines on who should receive them.

Parcare, which has centers in Manhattan, Brooklyn and on the outskirts of the Big Apple and which mainly serves ultra-Orthodox Jewish patients, announced on Twitter on December 16, two days after the start of vaccinations in the United States, that he would have limited doses of the product available and would make them available to customers who met certain criteria in order of request.

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Later, he shared a photograph – which was later deleted – of a rabbi being vaccinated.

According to The New York Times, Parcare has confirmed that the man received a vaccine, but assures that he did so because he works daily at the clinic.

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However, New York authorities point out that the company obtained vaccines under false pretenses and gave them to people who are not on the priority list, who lead the front-line health workers and residents and employees of nursing homes.

The governor confirmed this Monday that the state police are studying the case and will transfer it to the office of the attorney general, Letitia James, which will make it a priority.

New York, like the rest of the United States, kicked off the vaccination campaign on December 14 with a focus on health personnel and workers and residents of nursing homes and care centers for people with disabilities. disabilities.

When Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the plans to distribute the vaccine in early December, he already warned that the general public would be left out of the immunization campaign in the first stage.

According to data this Monday, at least 140,000 New Yorkers have already received the first dose of the vaccine and the state expects to receive another 259,000 more doses this week, so it can begin to expand the groups that receive it.

On the other hand, Cuomo announced a strong increase during the last day in the percentage of positive Covid-19 tests, which stood above 8% when on Friday it was around 5%.
The governor, in any case, assured that the data can be misleading, because in recent days – coinciding with the Christmas holidays – much fewer tests have been done.

The number of hospitalizations, despite everything, continues to grow and stands at 7,559 in the state as a whole, where 114 people died from Covid-19 in the last day.

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