Coronavirus, outbreak on a flight from Greece

The Tui flight from Zakynthos, Greece and landed in Cardiff on 25 August was “full of selfish idiots” and a “crew of inept”. To tell the British media this is one of the 193 passengers on the flight who, after the discovery of 16 Covid-19 positives, has now been forced into self-isolation.

The woman, Stephanie Whitfield, reported that many of the passengers aboard the plane were not wearing masks properly and seemed to “ignore the rules”, while the crew would not do enough to enforce safety regulations. The airline has announced the opening of an investigation after the high number of cases of infection linked to the flight.

” Many people wore masks under their noses or even under their chins. They took it off to talk to friends and went back and forth through the corridor without a mask “, the woman told BBC Radio 4 microphones.

Whitfield said she was not surprised by the news of a flight-related outbreak and went into self-isolation after experiencing mild symptoms of the disease with her husband. “The flight was full of selfish ‘covidiots’ and a crew of inept people who didn’t care,” accused the woman.

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