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The extraordinary withdrawal of up to four (4) tax units in a single withdrawal of the CIC funds of those affiliates, whether or not they are contributing and suffering from oncological diseases diagnosed by an institution providing health services (IPRESS), is provided. that is registered in the National Registry of Health Provider Institutions (RENIPRESS) of the National Superintendency of Health (SUSALUD) and that they have registered the sanitary authorization for the practice of the Health Services Producer Unit (UPSS) of oncology and / or clinical hematology, as appropriate. The disbursement will be made thirty (30) days after the application has been submitted. (Find out more here )


In the second complementary provision of the law, it is explained that those patients with oncological diseases and / or clinical hematology, may withdraw the money not in three disbursements, but in only one.


The text of the law indicates that citizens who request this amount may make the request virtually or in person, but the money will be delivered in three disbursements and in periods of 30 days between each disbursement. However, some people will have the option to withdraw in one arm.


Today the Law that empowers AFP affiliates to withdraw up to 4 UITs due to the Coronavirus pandemic was published in the El Peruano newspaper. Those people who have not contributed to their pension fund in the last twelve months will be the main beneficiaries.


Retirement AFP 17,200 soles: Who can withdraw all the money in a single disbursement?


Vaccinate 20% of Latin Americans against COVID-19 it will cost more than $ 2 billion. Vaccinating 20% ​​of the population in Latin America and the Caribbean against the new coronavirus will cost more than $ 2 billion, said the deputy director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Jarbas Barbosa on Wednesday. Full video here


New York announces the closure of its schools from Thursday due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. “New York reached the threshold of an average of 3% positive tests over seven days. Unfortunately, this means that the public school buildings will be closed from tomorrow, Thursday, November 19, as a precaution, “said Mayor Bill de Blasio on his Twitter account.


Junin: Diresa reporta new cases of COVID-19 after the recent protests. It indicates that in the following days a rebound in infections from this disease is expected. Full note here


Sunafil: More than 80,000 workers entered the payroll between January and November. The sectors with the highest number of formalized workers during these 11 months were agriculture, livestock and manufacturing, with almost 55,000 people out of the total. Full note here


Vaccinate 20% of the population in Latin America against COVID-19 will cost more than US$ 2.000 millones. Despite the high number, the deputy director of the Pan American Health Organization (OPS), Jarbas Barbosa, expressed that “vaccines are a smart and necessary investment.” Full note here


AFP withdrawal law From one “Bad signal to investors and the market”, according to specialists. Economists Melvin Escudero and Arturo García Villacorta explain the scope of the standard published this Wednesday in El Peruano. Here full note


Almost four million affiliates will end up with no money in their funds from AFP withdrawals, according to Tuesta. People who reach 65 or retire will not have any pension, so they will have to resort to other sources of financing, said the former head of the MEF. Full note here


The 11 candidates for COVID-19 vaccine which are in the last phase of clinical trials in humans. There are more than 40 vaccine candidates currently in human clinical trials, but only 11 are in the last phase. Here the full note


Coronavirus: 74% of executives who relocated in pandemic did so with equal or better salaries than before. According to the consulting firm LHH DBM Peru, many workers lost their opportunity by not being prepared for the recruitment processes. Also, 88% of executives who were repositioned on a dependent basis during this period, matched or improved the level of their previous position in their new position. The full note here


They enact law that empowers the withdrawal of AFP funds: You can withdraw until 4 OFF. The standard, which was published today in the El Peruano newspaper, was signed by Manuel Merino de Lama and Ántero Flores-Aráoz on November 15, when that government was still in force. Read the full note here


Coronavirus: Why “* false positive *” cases of COVID-19 they are also important in trying to contain the pandemic. According to specialized agencies, false positives can affect the statistics and infection rates of some communities and “make it appear that there are more people infected than they really are.” Here the full note


Miraflores: subject insulted and humiliated a worker servicio delivery during product delivery. In a video it is seen that the subject throws xenophobic comments against abroad because, supposedly, the product would not have arrived in good condition. Here the full note


Pfizer announces that final clinical trial results show that its vaccine is 95% effective. Drug maker Pfizer noted that the vaccine was well tolerated and that the side effects were mostly mild to moderate and disappeared quickly. Here the full note


Medical College on political crisis: “We have experienced great confusion.” The dean of the institution, Miguel Palacios Celi, announces that the medical union will evaluate the return to the committee of specialists of the Minsa to strengthen the fight against the pandemic by COVID-19, after the appointment of a new minister in the sector. Read the full note here


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