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Regarding this, the general director of audits and sanctions, Ángel Paz, indicated that these types of malicious calls hinder the proper functioning of emergency centers and put people’s lives and health at risk. (Continue reading here)


This was indicated by the aforementioned ministry in a statement in which it specified that this temporary cessation of service includes outgoing voice and data traffic, according to Urgency Decree No. 026-2020.


During the period of the coronavirus health emergency 5,560 landlines and cell phones were suspended for making malicious calls to emergency centers authorized to provide assistance to citizens. This action carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) occurred between the months of March to December.


5560 phone lines were suspended during the pandemic for making malicious calls


The Argentine pontiff indicated that people should try to care more about others and not only serve their own interests. (Find out more here)


Pope francis made these reflections moments after praying the Angelus this Sunday in the library of the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican.


He Pope Francisco on Sunday criticized people who have gone on vacation without respecting the restrictions imposed by governments to contain the coronavirus pandemic and pointed out that they must be more aware of the suffering of others.


“They do not think about those who suffer”: The Pope’s harsh criticism of people who go on vacation without complying with restrictions


“Some care on the part of citizens has been relaxed, people are arriving in very critical situations to be cared for, and that is why ICU beds are required, you must go to medical attention early. The lack of ICU beds does not only occur in Arequipa, but in other cities. It must be taken into account that ICU beds are not only equipment, but also a team of intensive care physicians with which we do not have enough “, he assured. (Continue reading here)


Speaking to RPP, he explained that the installation of ICU beds requires qualified personnel for its use and that this is also scarce, especially in regions.


The President of the Council of Ministers, Violeta Bermúdez, warned that the number of intensive care beds has been decreasing in different regions of the country because the citizenship comes to be attended in a critical situation. He stressed the importance of strengthening the first level of care.


Bermúdez on lack of ICU beds: “Citizens are lowering their guard and they come to be treated in a critical situation”


“We see that there has been an increase in San Martín de Porres, Comas and Independencia. It has risen from 10% to 12% in the number of infections. We are just seeing this proportion, we are taking the procedures to prevent and act in this situation “, he asserted. (Find out more here)


Speaking to América Noticias, after participating in a Minsa event in San Martín de Porres in which pulse oximeters and personal protective equipment were delivered, he assured that there are three districts that show an increase in the incidence of the disease.


The Director General of the Directorate of Integrated Health Networks of Lima Norte (Diris Norte), Claudio Ramírez, reported that there has been an increase in positive cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in several districts of this area. He explained that it is not possible to speak of a second wave, but of an “outbreak” of the disease.


Coronavirus in Peru: these are the districts of North Lima in which an increase in cases has been reported


In all three cases, the document must be filled out with the following information: Passenger’s name and surname, identity document (DNI or passport), address, telephone number, email, date and time. (Continue reading here)


He Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) has designed three forms of affidavit, aimed at adult passengers, under 14 years old and over 65 years old.


In addition to wearing a mask and face shield, Passengers must present a health affidavit in order to board the transport buses, in which they ensure they are not infected with COVID-19.


Health affidavit: what is the format and why do I need it to travel?


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