Coronavirus: risk for hospital staff increases, six helpers died

The number of coronavirus infections in China continues to rise. Now the People’s Republic has reported that numerous helpers have also become infected and several have already died.

As of Tuesday, 1,716 healthcare workers had been infected with the novel corona virus until Tuesday, said Zeng Yixin, vice minister of the Chinese health commission. Six helpers have died from the effects of the infection and the number of infected doctors and nurses continues to increase.

One problem, according to Zeng, is the lack of equipment to protect against new infections. Chinese officials and hospital staff have been complaining about the lack of protective equipment such as face masks for a long time. The capacity of Chinese manufacturers has long been exhausted, and imports are difficult due to global demand. In Wuhan in particular, the shortages recently led doctors to have to wear the same protective clothing several times.

At the request of China, Germany brought thousands of protective suits for medical personnel to the People’s Republic on board the first return flight for Germans from the center of the epidemic in Wuhan in China.

The death of Chinese doctor Li Wenliang on February 7 caused horror worldwide. At the end of December, he was one of the first in Hubei province to warn of a new Sars agent, but the authorities had initially suppressed the warning. A little later he was sick himself.

64,000 people are now infected in China

In the meantime, the virus is spreading in China, and scientists have not yet reached a peak in new infections. The health authorities of the People’s Republic reported 121 new deaths and just over 5000 registered infections on Thursday.

This means that almost 64,000 people in mainland China are now infected with the virus, which can lead to a life-threatening lung disease. Japan reported the first death, while in Germany the first of 14 known infected people was discharged from a Munich hospital in good health.

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