Coronavirus: strike call in Korian Ehpad this Monday

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The crisis continues at Korian, but in a new form. After being singled out by families who criticize it for managing the health crisis, the group is struck by a strike. The staff of its retirement homes are called to stop working and gather in front of the establishments on Monday by the CGT, FO and SUD unions to demand in particular the payment of bonuses and a revaluation of wages.

“More than 50 establishments will take action tomorrow,” said Albert Papadacci, CGT central delegate for this group, which manages 308 establishments out of the 7,500 retirement homes listed in France. “The health crisis has not confined the claims,” ​​writes the intersyndicale in a statement, demanding the “payment of the bonus of 1,000 euros” promised by the management of Korian to all staff, “without discriminating elements.” The unions also claim that the bonus promised by the government is “1,500 euros for all”.

The premium for the pending medico-social sector

For hospital staff, 1,500 euros correspond to the maximum amount of this premium. It will only be automatically assigned in 40 departments on the front line facing Covid-19. In the others, it will vary between 500 and 1,500 euros. A similar reward is planned for the entire medico-social sector and in particular nursing homes, but it has not yet been the subject of an implementing decree. We will have to wait.

The inter-union of Korian also claims “a great age bonus of 100 euros in the private sector, real conventional salary increases of 300 euros net per month”, an increase in overtime and the recognition of Covid-19 in occupational disease for all.

“We refuse the division and the opposition between the private and the public or according to the place of exercise and the working time”, write the unions of Korian. Monday’s action will coincide with the launch of the “Ségur de la santé”, a vast concertation during which the question of caregiver remuneration will be addressed. The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, insisted that the increases would affect both hospitals and nursing homes.


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