Coronavirus: support for a vaccine passport

Representatives of industries slaughtered economically by the coronavirus pandemic would welcome, to revive their business, that the government put in place an official document proving that its holder has been vaccinated, and which could be required in some situations.

The Ministry of Health was unable to confirm at Journal, at the time of publication, whether such a process was currently being considered.

The idea pleases the Hotel Association of the Quebec City region if, for business travelers, the measure is national. “Such proof of vaccination could help restart certain events, business tourism. But, what if the Canadian border does not require it? If other provinces do not do so, an international congress might prefer to go to Ontario, ”said AHRQ director general Marjolaine de Sa.

The Greater Montreal Hotel Association said it was in favor of “any measure that will allow travel to resume safely,” said its general manager, Ève Paré.

Gabriel Hardy, from the Quebec division of the Canadian Fitness Industry Council, agrees with the concept. “It would reassure the population who are currently afraid. Could we reserve time slots where this passport would be compulsory? “

The bars agree

The Corporation of Quebec Bar, Brasseries and Tavern Owners is “in favor”. “We have already had discussions between us on this subject. We also looked at that with the government, ”indicates the CEO of the CPBBTQ, Renaud Poulin.

Pierre Thibault, president of the New Association of Quebec Bars, is also enthusiastic.

“The person who refuses the vaccine, we respect him, but he must not prevent the rest of the people who want to return to a normal world either. If there are people vaccinated and the vaccine is effective, I believe that we are there. Why would we deprive ourselves of this when the economy is down? “

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David Laferrière, president of the professional association of show presenters RIDEAU, underlines that for him such a document “poses an important ethical question” as long as everyone has not had access to the vaccine. “Maybe for some who don’t dare to come back for fear that part of the room is made up of people who don’t believe in the vaccine, knowing that we have to show a white footing will make them feel safer? “, he asks.


François Meunier, from the Association Restauration Québec, opposes the passport.

“If that means that only vaccinated people can enter a restaurant, what do we have until September?” We are not able to wait until then. In the short term, we can work with a registry. We don’t want to be the police and start discriminating against people. ”

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