Coronavirus: The Federal Council calls on the people to act in a video

A video was posted on Youtube to urge the Swiss to respect the measures taken to fight against the coronavirus.

The video of the Seven Sages.

The seven members of the Federal Council called on the Swiss population to respect the measures taken to fight against the coronavirus. A Youtube video has been posted.

Infections are increasing “rapidly and strongly”, launches the President of the Confederation Simonetta Sommaruga at the opening of the video. “We have to react. We know what to do: respect the distances and wash your hands, ”adds Minister of Health Alain Berset.

And the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ignazio Cassis to continue with the other measures: “Restrict contact, wear a mask, use new technologies to replace the physical contacts that we lack.”

They too must cancel

They too must limit themselves, explain several ministers. The Minister of Justice and Police Karin Keller-Sutter thus canceled the traditional family meeting of All Saints. Defense Minister Viola Amherd would like to see her friends again. And Alain Berset has also canceled aperitifs and dinners.

We need a “strong wave breaker, if we do not want to sink,” says Viola Amherd. Because, as the great treasurer Ueli Maurer says, “the second wave got us”. But we have the possibilities and the means to counter it, adds Ignazio Cassis.

And the Minister of the Economy Guy Parmelin to abound: “Together we can achieve it.” “For our hospitals, for our health system, but also to avoid enormous damage to our economy”. The faster we do it, the sooner we will return to normal life, explains Ueli Maurer. “We all want it”. That is why the population must abide by the rules.

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