Coronavirus: the rules change this Monday, when should you get tested? (infographics)

Several changes are planned as of Monday at the level of the testing strategy and at the quarantine level.

Tall asymptomatic people but considered to be “at high risk” of coronavirus contamination, including people returning from abroad, will be tested again by the PCR method from next Monday, on day 7 following the day of contact at high risk, the federal government’s Corona Commission said on Friday.

In practice, this means that people identified as high-risk contacts of an infected person and who do not show symptoms themselves will obtain, through the contact tracing system, a code to take a sample. . If the high-risk contact took place in a community (for example a school or a company), the coordinating doctor of this community will be responsible for generating this code, specified the services of the federal commissioner Pedro Facon in a statement.

Citizens returning from a red zone abroad must complete the “Passenger Locator Form” which assesses the risk incurred.

“If they need to be tested based on their behavior during their stay abroad, they will also receive the activation code by SMS. Apart from these situations, a general practitioner can of course always create an activation code following his own risk analysis or for cases where the procedure could not be followed ”, specifies the text.

These people can use this code to go to a sorting and collection center, where the sample is taken for a PCR test, on the 7th day following the day of the last high-risk contact or after their return to Belgium. To do this, they can make an appointment via the booking tool accessible via The test result will also be available through this site.

It is also possible to link the test to the 17-digit code generated by the Coronalert app, for people who use the app. This ensures that the test result is also integrated into the app, which is necessary in order to be able to inform via Coronalert people identified as unknown high risk contacts.


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