Coronavirus: the threshold of 13,000 deaths crossed, the number of hospitalizations in decline

Belgium has more than 500,000 people infected with covid.

LBelgium has passed the milestone of half a million people infected with the new coronavirus, with 500,789 cases of Covid-19 confirmed in the country since the start of the pandemic, according to the provisional report from the Sciensano Public Health Institute published on Monday . The threshold of 13,000 deaths was also crossed, with 13,055 deaths attributed to Covid-19 recorded. However, the average numbers of infections and hospitalizations continue to decline.

The average number of coronavirus infections rose to 9,487 per day between October 30 and November 5. This represents a 40% decrease from the previous seven-day period. The number of contaminations in Belgium amounted to 500,789 Monday, against 494,168 Sunday, since the start of the epidemic.

The number of hospital admissions due to Covid-19 continues to decline, by -9%, and now stands at 597 per day on average, between October 30 and November 5. The number of people hospitalized is 6,948 (+ 1%), including 1,469 patients treated in intensive care.

Covid-19 has also caused the death of 13,055 people in Belgium. On average, 179 people died each day from coronavirus infection, up 55% from the previous week.


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