Coronavirus | The United States will require negative COVID-19 tests from all air passengers

The government of U.S will require proof of COVID-19 negative to all air passengers before flying to the country, including Americans, announced the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The measure, which will come into effect on January 26, also establishes the recommendation to undergo a new test three to five days after arrival in the country and remain in quarantine at home for seven days after the trip.

“Pre- and post-trip testing is a critical measure to curb the introduction and spread of the COVID-19“, the CDC said in a statement.

“This strategy is consistent with the current phase of the pandemic and more efficiently protects the health of Americans,” the government agency added.

U.S, the country most affected in the world by the coronavirus pandemic, has already registered more than 22.7 million confirmed infections and almost 380,000 deaths, when cases continue to increase throughout the country.

The CDC justified this measure by stating that different variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus are emerging in countries around the world and that “there is evidence of increased transmissibility of some of these variants.”

“The testing requirement for air passengers will help slow the spread of the virus as we work to vaccinate the American public,” the CDC said.

Negative laboratory tests for COVID-19 They will have to be done within three days prior to the trip to the US and must be documented in writing to the airline, which will be in charge of confirming these results.

“If a passenger does not provide documentation of a test or negative recovery (from illness), or a test is not performed, the airline must deny boarding to the passenger,” he said.

The move comes at a time of concern about the spread of the new variant of the virus registered in the United Kingdom and of which several cases have already been found in the United States.

Since the end of December, the country has already required the presentation of a negative coronavirus test carried out a maximum of 72 hours before the trip to those flying from British airports.

Currently, the US prohibits the entry of travelers from many countries, including those of the European Union (EU), unless they are US citizens, permanent residents or have an exemption.

The CDC did not indicate that these new guidelines will replace existing restrictions.

“The tests do not eliminate all risks, but when combined with a period of staying home and daily precautions, such as wearing masks and social distancing, they can make travel safer,” the director said in the statement. from the CDC, Robert R. Redfield. EFE

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