Coronavirus: the valet responsible for bringing his meals to contaminated Elizabeth II

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Concern at Buckingham Palace. As the epidemic of new coronavirus accelerates in the United Kingdom, with now 1,228 deaths in some 20,000 confirmed cases, Elizabeth’s footman was diagnosed positive at Covid-19, The Sun unveiled this week end. The noose tightens around the queen while her eldest son and the Prime Minister are also infected.

The palace employee, who was in regular contact with the sovereign, was sent home where he isolated himself to fight the disease. His work until then made him very close to Elizabeth II since he was responsible for delivering meals and drinks, introducing his guests, bringing him his mail and walking his dogs.

The Queen was “healthy” Friday

The 93-year-old Queen has been at Windsor Castle since March 19, about 40 kilometers west of London. She is in “good health”, assured the Buckingham Palace on Friday.

She met with head of government Boris Johnson, diagnosed positive on March 26, for the last time on March 11, their last two weekly interviews having taken place on the phone. His last interview with Prince Charles, also infected, dates back to March 12, 13 days before the announcement of his contamination.


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