Coronavirus: this is how Castilla y León foresees the final stretch of the course

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The coronavirus will not alter the school calendar and the roadmap will continue as planned. The course, whether or not they return to face-to-face classes, will end in the month of June and only July is contemplated to carry out the voluntary reinforcement activities that were already carried out during other years or for other actions of this type that will be valued based on the evolution of the pandemic. This will be done by Castilla y León, as explained by the Minister of Education, Rocío Lucas, yesterday, after the meeting she held with her counterparts from other communities and the minister of the sector, Isabel Celaá.

There will be no “general approval”, as requested by some student associations, but progress will continue during the third quarter in “basic contents” of each stage and there will be an evaluation of “continuous, diagnostic and formative nature” that will take into account the of the previous two trimesters and that “65 percent” of the course has already been developed in person. At this point, the position of the Ministry that promotion is the general norm and the repetition of the course, the “exception”

 It coincides with that defended by Castilla y León and “the rest of the communities” because, according to Lucas, it is the philosophy that is normally maintained and in this “so exceptional circumstance even more.”

Possible progressive return
The Board does not rule out for the moment that there is a return to the classrooms, but, yes, it will be a decision that the experts adopt. “The educational system is now at the service of the toilet,” he said, and the Community is committed to “return to classrooms when it is safe,” but it is still early “to give dates.” However, in case there is the possibility of returning to face-to-face classes -something that is also “important” from the “affective and emotional” point of view for the students-, the Ministry is committed to a return “progressively”, « staggered “and” selective “, starting with those courses that have to” start and finish a stage “, such as 6th Primary, 4th ESO and 2nd Baccalaureate.

Those who have already announced that they will not return to face-to-face education are the four public universities in the Community. In their case, they will continue with the telematic classes until the end of the course, but, in a joint position with the private centers and the Ministry of Education, they would like to be able to carry out some activities in the month of September. “We will propose to the Ministry that this date can be used to make evaluations or final master’s projects and that the students can graduate,” explained Rocío Lucas. Therefore, the start of the course at the university stage could be delayed to October.

Despite the circumstances and the uncertainty generated by the coronavirus, the counselor wanted to convey a message of “tranquility” to families: “In no case will this course be considered lost.” For now, classes will continue online, the system that has been in use for a month, when the state of alarm was decreed by the expansion of Covid-19 in Spain.

The Castilian and Leonese model is a “reference” for other territories and has more than 700 virtual classrooms, he said. To which he added that it has been developed adequately thanks to the families, to the “professionalism, adaptability and priceless service” of the teachers, and to the students, of whom he assured that they are giving a “lesson” for “integrity” and “Maturity with which they are carrying confinement.

Admission of new students
The health crisis and the state of alarm paralyzed the administrative deadlines for some processes such as the admission of students to the centers for the next academic year. In this regard, he assured that the calendar will be resumed “in the middle of the month of May” and a period will be opened to submit “telematic applications”. .


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