Coronavirus ticker: Christmas easing in Thuringia is still uncertain

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10:38 pm | Söder believes that even stricter measures are possible

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder demands that the federal and state governments have to talk again about additional measures in two weeks. If the high number of infections did not decrease, one had to say whether one had to “make more deepening out of extending and deepening,” said the CSU boss on the ARD program “Anne Will”.

After all, Söder said that one could at least give a “partial all-clear”. There is no longer any exponential upward growth. Conversely, however, there is also no downward movement. The CSU chief admitted that he would be more concerned about New Year’s Eve and skiing than Christmas.

9:53 pm | Brinkhaus reiterates the call for more country participation

The Union parliamentary group leader in the Bundestag, Ralph Brinkhaus, has reiterated his demand that the federal states have to take on a larger share of the corona aid in the future.

“It can’t stay that way, it has to be re-tailored,” said the CDU politician on the ARD program “Report from Berlin”. The federal states would have borne their burdens, “but that is out of balance.” When it comes to the continued payment of aid into January and February, one expects “that the countries will participate in this aid.”

Brinkhaus had already commented on this in the Bundestag on Thursday. For this he had received criticism from CDU Prime Ministers Laschet, (NRW), Bouffier (Hesse) and Haseloff (Saxony-Anhalt). There was also opposition from Saxony and Thuringia.

8:23 pm | Hildburghausen’s district administrator ready to talk when there is a ban on worship

After sharp criticism of the temporary ban on church services in the Hildburghausen district of Thuringia, District Administrator Thomas Müller (CDU) wants to talk to representatives of the Evangelical and Catholic Churches.


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