News Coronavirus Toledo: Soraya, an autoclave and the dentist

Coronavirus Toledo: Soraya, an autoclave and the dentist


One of the released CCOO-FSC unions, Soraya García, asked for her immediate and voluntary reinstatement in a nursing home in Torrijos, where she has her nursing assistant position. It was last March 13, two days before the state of alarm was declared for the coronavirus pandemic.

I knew it was necessary. Also that he put his health at risk, as his colleagues were already doing. At that time, there was a case of coronavirus among residents and among the staff, who also had little protection, “the union said in a statement.

The workers themselves – the majority are women – made their masks out of cloth and soaps; its eye protectors with plastic sheets and foam; and their robes and divers with garbage bags. Sticking plaster and gums completed the pack. And a few days later the first death of a resident was recorded. The same day another died.

“The first approved protection elements still took another few days to arrive. Insufficient, of course, ”the statement added. To be able to reuse them, they sterilized them with the small autoclave they had, so small that it took too long to sterilize everything, it didn’t take time for the next shift ».

Soraya remembered the 3D printer and the autoclave they use at IES Ribera del Tajo in Talavera de la Reina for the modules of Nursing Assistant and Pathological Anatomy. The autoclave is a device that is used to steam sterilize objects that are subjected to high pressures and temperatures without boiling.

But Soraya was late: the director of the center had already made available to the City Council of Talavera all the materials that could be useful in the municipal centers.

The residence coordinator then remembered an acquaintance, a dentist who had an autoclave in his office. The dentist gave his autoclave to the residence, and since then they sterilize with him every day the protection elements available to them in the healthcare center.

Soraya did not stop there, says the union. Through the wasap group of the autonomous sector of FSC-CCOO CLM asked about the autoclaves that the regional Administration could have. There had to be one available. And of course there were. There were two, said a colleague, in the laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture; closed now for not being essential services. But autoclaves are, “says the statement.

The coordinator of the Autonomous Sector of CCOO-FSC spoke with the Public Function, with Social Welfare, with Health and with Agriculture. The Sescam confirmed the usefulness of the devices. Social Welfare came from pearls. Public Function did not raise any objection, quite the opposite. Agriculture understood the need and in turn contacted Geacam (public company of Environmental Management of Castilla-La Mancha), which has the ideal vehicles to transfer autoclaves to nursing homes in Talavera and Toledo, where they are extremely useful.

CCOO ends its communication with a request: to as many people as possible in their consultations, laboratories or approved autoclave companies that are currently unable to use, to make them available to Health. .


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