Coronavirus: Trump creates confusion over vaccines

Trump and the mask

Redfield also said in the Senate that masks are currently the “most important tool” in the fight against the pandemic. He would even go so far as to say that a mask offers greater protection against the coronavirus than a vaccination, said the CDC chief.

Trump also disagreed here. “No, a vaccine is much more efficient than the masks,” said Trump. He called Redfield and told him that he had answered the question incorrectly from his point of view. Redfield then published two tweets in which he wrote, among other things, that he believed in the importance of vaccinations – and that currently the best protection is to wear masks, wash hands and keep your distance. He did not take back any of his previous statements.

Trump had previously accused employees of his own government of deliberately slowing down the development of a corona vaccine. The corona crisis with more than 195,000 deaths has become an important topic in the election campaign for the White House in the USA. Trump had spoken several times that a vaccine could be approved until the end of October – and thus before the presidential election on November 3rd. Trump lags behind Democratic challenger Joe Biden in polls.

When asked by a reporter why people should trust Trump in the pandemic while contradicting the chief of his health department, the president said, “Because we did a great job.”

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