Coronavirus: Tunisian Minister of Health sacked

Tunisian head of government Hichem Mechichi decided on Tuesday July 20 to dismiss Health Minister Faouzi Mehdi, at the height of coronavirus contamination, his services announced in a press release. The presidency of the government announced its decision in a concise statement, without explaining the reasons for this dismissal.

Faouzi Mehdi is behind the temporary opening of vaccination to all Tunisians over 18 for two days Tuesday and Wednesday. A decision that led to a rush in vaccination centers at a time when the country is experiencing an unprecedented increase in cases. The Ministry of Health finally restricted access to vaccination to those over 40 on Wednesday to avoid a new crush.

Acting Minister of Health

Minister of Social Affairs Mohamed Trabelsi will become interim Minister of Health. This, in a government already weakened by the departure of many unreplaced ministers after a reshuffle that remained pending due to tensions between Parliament and the Presidency of the Republic.

Kaïs Saïed

President Kaïs Saïed, who enjoys significant popularity, refused in January to allow ministers to be sworn in, yet validated by Parliament. The president, at odds with the main parliamentary party, the Islamist movement Ennahdha, appointed Hichem Mechichi last August.

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