Coronavirus | UK plans to start vaccination at the end of the year, according to media | COVID-19

He British public health system prepares to begin administering a vaccine against the new coronavirus “shortly after Christmas”, as revealed this Sunday by the newspaper “The Sunday Times”.

The newspaper assures that the British Government’s Deputy Medical Councilor, Jonathan Van-Tam, has privately expressed that the clinical trials carried out to date indicate that there is a vaccine that can “cut infections and save lives.”

Van-Tam informed some deputies last week that the progress of the phase three of the trials of the vaccine created at the University of Oxford and manufactured by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca indicates that “a massive administration is on the horizon as early as December,” states “The Sunday Times.”

Thousands of employees of the public system will receive training to inoculate vaccines before the end of the year, adds the newspaper, after the government has changed the law to expand the number of health professionals who can carry out this work.

Pharmacists, dentists, midwives and paramedics will be able to inoculate vaccines from now on in the United Kingdom.

“These legal changes will help us ensure that we are prepared to deploy a COVID-19 vaccine safe and effective as soon as it has passed clinical trials and rigorous controls by regulators, “Health Minister Matt Hancock told the newspaper.

During the first months of the vaccination program, the doses will be inoculated to elderly and vulnerable people, and “most people will not receive the vaccine“, indicates the newspaper.

He advance of the second wave of the pandemic has taken to various hospitals in the United Kingdom to cancel operations, some of which have been postponed for six months, notes “The Sunday Times.”

In the Welsh town of Swansea, Morrison Hospital has canceled all its routine heart surgeries, while in the English city of Plymouth, Derriford Hospital has canceled all “non-critical” operations.

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