Coronavirus variants: concern grows among experts

These new variants are difficult to control, explains Marc Van Ranst.

FDoes he fear a new containment because of the new variants of the coronavirus (the British and South African versions of the disease, mainly), more contagious than the “traditional” form of the virus? Guest on LN24, Frédérique Jacobs, head of the infectious disease department at Erasme hospital, believes that re-containment is “possible”.

“This is obviously what we fear, since the British variant, in England, has replaced the usual strains and now represents around 70% of the strains circulating. It is this ability to infect people very quickly that we fear. We are afraid that this variant will arrive in Belgium and spread very quickly in the population, ”she explains.

This British variant is already present in 50 countries, says WHO. And he worries other experts. In Het Laatste Nieuws, Marc Van Ranst recalls that the South African and British variants are “50% more contagious. Concerning the British variant, eight new cases have been discovered. These are two clusters of three people and two isolated cases. Some infected people have recently returned from abroad, others have not ”. And to say that their arrival on Belgian territory was inevitable: “Once such a virus circulates, it is difficult to stop it. “

Finally, Geert Molenberghs pleads for a closure of the borders. The biostatistician (UHasselt and KULeuven) believes that this would be a “wise measure from an epidemiological point of view”.


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