Coronavirus: what would happen if you celebrated Christmas with 10 people?

Yves Van Laethem, interfederal spokesperson for the fight against the coronavirus, was invited to RTL INFO 7 p.m. this Sunday. He was notably interviewed by our presenter Simon François on the organization of the end of year celebrations.

Simon François: If all Belgians celebrate Christmas, let’s say with ten people. What impact could this have on the evolution of the epidemic?

Yves Van Laethem: We know that it is enough that there is someone infected among these ten people. And that this someone is possibly a super-contaminator, which is not impossible during a party where we are close to each other, where we sing, we speak loudly… He can very quickly infect several people. These people don’t know it, will infect other people. And in a few weeks of time, one can have hundreds, if not more, of people infected at the base of a single party. This is what happened in February and March, among others, at the start of the epidemic.

Simon François: You confirm the Prime Minister’s comments, Christmas will most certainly take place in a small committee this year?

Yves Van Laethem: Certainly in a small group. Will it be a potential guest or will it be more, I don’t know. But it is difficult to see how to accommodate several people, whether it be four, five, six or seven. Because there is a risk of finding ourselves faced with such circumstances. As doing a quarantine before or after, as is proposed in some countries, does not seem scientifically founded to me, I think we will be in a small committee for the holidays.


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