Coronavirus: Who can benefit from the new US rescue plan-BBC News

44 minutes ago

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US President Biden’s huge relief plan to deal with the new crown epidemic was passed in the Senate on Saturday. Although all Republican senators voted against, the $1.9 trillion plan was still passed.

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives is expected to pass the bill next Tuesday (March 16). Biden called the Senate vote “another big step forward” in fulfilling its promise to help the people.

The worst public health crisis in the United States in a century has caused nearly 523,000 deaths and 29 million infections. The current unemployment rate is 6.2%.

This is the third rescue plan in the United States since the outbreak of the epidemic, and it plans to distribute $1,400 to most Americans in a lump sum. Republicans say the plan is too costly. Some Democrats also criticized certain provisions, leading to some compromises in the aid package, such as reducing federal unemployment benefits from $400 to $300 a week. Under this plan, benefits will be extended to September 6.

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