Coronavirus: WHO meets urgently to analyze the situation due to the new variants of COVID-19

The emergency committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) analyzes this Thursday the new variants of the coronavirus, which worry the authorities around the world, where the fight against the increase in infections is intensified by lockdowns, curfews and vaccination campaigns.

The recrudescence of the virus also hits China, what announced the first death from COVID-19 since last May, despite the fact that it seemed to have eradicated the pandemic.

The British and South African strains of coronavirus, especially contagious, spread rapidly. The variant initially detected in UK has already been located in 50 countries, and the South African in 20, according to the WHO which points out that this census is probably underestimated.

Another mutation, originally from the Brazilian Amazon, whose discovery was announced on Sunday by Japan, is being analyzed and could impact the immune response, according to the WHO which speaks of a “worrying variant”.

To analyze these strains -which “need an urgent debate” -, the committee of experts of the WHO, which normally meets every three months, has been convened two weeks in advance. At this Thursday’s meeting they will define recommendations for the organization and its member countries, the organization said in a statement published on Wednesday.

Researchers in China

A new wave of infections hits the whole world.

China, where the epidemic emerged in late 2019, reported death in Hebei province, where several cities have been confined after the appearance of new outbreaks. Health authorities also announced 138 new cases, the highest daily balance since last March.

This Thursday came to Wuhan, in central China where the virus was first detected in late 2019, a team of experts from the WHO to investigate the origin of the epidemic once they complete two weeks of quarantine.

The pandemic has already caused at least 1,963,557 deaths in the world, according to an AFP balance prepared with official sources.

U.S It is the worst hit country with more than 384,000 deaths and at least 23 million cases.

(With information from AFP)


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