Coronavirus With two symptoms of covid, you should seek medical attention

Fanny miranda

Mexico / 19.12.2020 21:14:58

The Ministry of Health reiterated that with two symptoms of covid-19 seek medical attention, do not self-medicate, or wait for time to pass and the case to get worse.

“Covid-19 does not have any specific treatment, we should not waste time taking some type of treatment at home, hoping that it improves my symptoms, I am not trusting, and waiting for a supposed treatment to take effect and produce me improvement and waste time. As soon as I have warning signs, I must seek the attention of the health professional and be attentive to when there is a need at the second level, ”said José Luis Alomía, general director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health.

At a conference, Alomía highlighted that different signs and symptoms occur due to covid-19, but the most frequent are flu, runny nose, itchy nose, sore throat, inflammation that can lead to coughing, as well as elevation of temperature, although it specified that it does not happen in one hundred percent of cases.

Further, General malaise, joint pain, and muscle pain develop; but although other symptoms may occur, he pointed out that “with two symptoms it would be enough to seek medical attention, and if I also belong to a vulnerable group.”

He stressed that the majority of the population does not have an oximeter to measure their oxygen saturation, but other warning signs are respiratory distress, accompanied by chest pain, high fever, or persistent that has not given way, “those warning signs would suffice ”.



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