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A 20-year-old Englishman named Ben Gulliver has become a trend after losing his job and setting up his own business, with which he earned 12,000 pounds a day, about 58,000,000 in Colombian pesos.

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Before starting the global health crisis due to the coronavirus, Gulliver worked as a consultant at a hairdressing company located in Romford, a London neighborhood.

Due to the measures taken by the British government, he lost his job like thousands of people in the world. However, he saw an opportunity to begin to realize his entrepreneurial spirit.

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In dialogue with the newspaper ‘The Sun’, He said that he managed to devise his first business taking into account that, due to the pandemic, dental offices were closed, therefore, he started selling dental cleaning devices that he had previously purchased from China.

With this undertaking, he managed to earn $ 16,000 a day (about 57 million Colombian pesos). He sold his business to an American investor for a five-figure sum.

I started researching YouTube to see what commercial projects I could do

His path did not end there.

He started selling gym equipment on the Amazon platform, where he offers his products all over the world. The young man commented in ‘The Sun’ that, on his best day, he managed to sell the substantial figure of 200,000 pounds sterling (approximately 980,000,000 Colombian pesos).

According to the aforementioned medium, The young man had a turnover of 1 million dollars in 10 months, that is, around 3,500 million pesos. For this he did not need more than his computer, his cell phone and internet service.

He started his business from his parents’ home, however, now that the business has expanded, he made the decision to open an office near the town of Bewdley, located in the county of Worcestershire, in England.

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In addition, he declared for the English medium, He was no longer satisfied with his job, so when they gave him the news of his dismissal he thought “I have to do it”.

It was then that “I began to do research on YouTube to see what commercial projects I could do,” he said in the interview.

Gulliver had already had a brief business at the age of 14: he sold clothes and earned 1,000 pounds per month (about 4.9 million Colombian pesos).

I would like to buy houses, renovate them and sell them

He dropped out of school at 16 and did not go to college. Instead, the young man began working with Neil Westwood, the winner of the ‘BBC’ program ‘Dragon’ s Dens’, for his invention, the Magic Whiteboard, white boards that can be used in various settings.

The young man assured: “I worked for Neil for two years. It taught me a lot. But since I was little I knew that he wanted to work for me. And that is why he has more projects in mind. “I would like to buy houses, reform them and sell them,” he said, referring to his interest in real estate.

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Finally, he commented that he wants to “help young people to start their businesses and give them advice… I managed to do it from my room in my parents’ house”, concluded Gulliver.

Due to the high figures that he has handled during the months of confinement, his story has gone viral as he is very close to becoming a millionaire.



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