Coros fitness watches put to the test

Coros? Never heard of it, there isn’t even a Wikipedia entry for the American company. Coros was founded in the United States in 2016 after a successful Kickstarter campaign for a bicycle helmet, settled two years later in California and launched its first GPS sports watch in 2018. In quick succession, the start-up developed a whole range of other watches, currently there are six models.

We became aware of Coros through the cheapest model, the Pace 2 for 200 euros, which has some spectacular features: It is incredibly light with a weight of just 29 grams including the nylon strap. It has an extremely long battery life. If you log a daily sports program and continuously record your heart rate, you can expect a one-week run time. The Pace 2 not only records everything that a significantly more expensive Garmin measures, but it is also one of the few watches that even measure performance without any other accessories; the mileage is given in watts. If you couple the Coros with a Stryd footpod, you can also use all of the running metrics and running efficiency measurements from Stryd.

The Pace 2 comes in a plastic case with an interchangeable silicone strap and with a diameter of 42 millimeters is rather smaller than its rivals. Thanks to a thickness of only 11.7 millimeters, it can still be worn under a shirt sleeve. On the back, next to the heart rate sensors, there is a charging adapter with three pogo pins that looks amazingly similar to the one from Garmin. Inductive refueling of the battery is therefore not intended. The watch is operated with the digital crown at the top right and a button below. The display with 240 × 240 pixels and 64 colors only uses an LC display, no OLED, but it always remains switched on and can be illuminated at the push of a button.

That is all upscale equipment

To start up, you couple the clock with the Coros app on your smartphone and make further settings there. There is no web interface for evaluating the sports units on the screen. In the app you can select dials and set your favorite workouts, with the Pace 2 only recognizing eleven activities. You can then create detailed training plans for running, cycling and swimming. That is all upscale equipment.


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