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31/08/2021 Are you aware of the factors that determine the well-being of employees in organizations?

Is it in your power to improve habits and modify workflows through systemic emotional intelligence to achieve a higher level of Corporate Well-being?

Can we improve productivity and improve the work environment with new methods applied in the field of CSR?

Corporate well-being supposes a strategic vision, which focuses on the competence of systemic intelligence, that is, It does not depend solely on the individual, but also on the teams as a whole together with their interrelationships, that is, with a transversal impact with the participation of all.

The WHO define a healthy workplace What one in which workers and managers cooperate to achieve continuous improvement, both from the point of view of health and productivity. Well-being and results are two sides of the same coin. Its benefits translate into terms of comprehensive health, productivity, corporate image and talent retention.

Therefore, it implies a paradigm shift in organizations, which leads to a change in culture in team management, thus taking on a key strategic value.

What can Coaching contribute to Corporate Well-being?

Companies operate in complex and uncertain environments, but they can acquire the resources and capacities to achieve the objectives they set. Under this principle, coaching can play an important support role in the process of creating a systemic vision, implementing sustainable programs that facilitate commitment and change for the empowerment of both employees and management.

CORAOPS works, in this regard, with the CORAOPS Systemic Wellbeing Model (MSBC), an iterative work model, which adapts to the needs of each organization, and to the different fields of application (physical, work and emotional), which fits with the short, medium and long term needs of an organization, improving retention of talent, increasing productivity and a sense of pride and belonging, to name just three possible examples.

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To facilitate your professional development as Wellness coach, CORAOPS offers you the course of Specialization in Intelligence and Emotional Well-being (CIBE). It is a program that allows a coach to develop their specific skills to accompany these processes of implementation of the culture of well-being in organizations, promoting the development of both individual and systemic well-being of the teams. Accompany the change from a leadership position, learning the sense of interdependence and collective intelligence, as a way to enrich the individual experience.

It arises in response to the most relevant needs in recent years, especially as a result of the pandemic and its consequences in organizational transformation, such as:

  • the impact of teleworking and the digital transformation of companies,
  • limitations in interpersonal relationships,
  • the demand for new forms of corporate identity and relationship
  • emotional dysregulation, with increased stress levels,
  • the difficulty in managing change and flexibility
  • and the growing need to establish self-care

It is a practical course, in online format with live classes, and lasts 40 hours. It is aimed at professionals who work ensuring the well-being and the work environment in the company, in the retention of talent, professional coaches who want to focus their career on well-being and emotional intelligence, as well as anyone interested in carrying out a self-knowledge process , developing strategies that allow them to focus on greater personal and work well-being.

The program has a Mentoring certificate in Intelligence and Emotional Well-being, issued by the Complutense University of Madrid and will begin October 25, 2021. The registration period is already open. Check the conditions and dates at [email protected].

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