Correction to OTS0126: Unsustainable conditions: No possibility for bus drivers to use a toilet.

2023-11-20 12:06:07

ÖGB Lower Austria Chairman Markus Wieser: “Tenders must not be designed on the backs of employees!”

Tulln/St.Pölten (OTS)

ÖGB Lower Austria Regional Secretary Christian Biegler-Powolny today drew attention to the unsustainable conditions in local bus transport in the Tulln district. Biegler-Powolny came across the topic by chance at an ÖGB Lower Austria event at Tullner’s Schubert Park: “We were serving coffee and after the third bus driver in a row told me that unfortunately he couldn’t drink anything because he didn’t have the opportunity to go to the toilet “We saw the problem in the system.”

“It cannot be the case that such unacceptable conditions exist today; improvements urgently need to be made here!” said Biegler-Powolny.

Sanitary facilities in VOR – tender not included – Corona has further exacerbated the situation

The fact that there are often no sanitary facilities for bus drivers is largely due to the very narrow tendering process by the Eastern Region Transport Association (VOR), says Thomas Stiller, chairman of the works council of Dr. Richard and national spokesman for the responsible trade union vida for the road department.

“In the 2020 VOR tender for local public transport, sanitary facilities are simply not mentioned; they are not a criterion. And of course the companies look at their costs and want to receive the order,” said the works council chairman and vida state spokesman.

In addition, the corona pandemic has made the situation even worse, reports Stiller. Previously it was possible to use the toilet in public buildings. Now they are closed to outsiders.

Shocking examples from practice – including bullying on social media

Stiller reports on the hardships of his colleagues: “The situation is even worse for women. A colleague spoke to me in complete desperation. She had a long standing break in the country without toilet facilities and was filmed by a teenager as she relieved herself behind the bus. The young person then put the video on social media!”

ÖGB NÖ chairman Markus Wieser demands that tenders not be put on the backs of employees

ÖGB Lower Austria Chairman and Lower Austria Chamber of Labor President Markus Wieser calls on politicians to act quickly: “Tenders must not be designed on the backs of employees. Employee protection and the corresponding social standards must be adhered to. This specifically means natural sanitary facilities and break rooms, which must be included. And it has to be: best bidder, not lowest bidder!”

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Expansion of public transport – with protection for bus drivers

The expansion of public transport is important. But the protection and working conditions of employees are just as important. There must be fair working conditions, because who else would become a bus driver, according to the ÖGB Lower Austria.

ÖGB Lower Austria calls for feedback

ÖGB Lower Austria regional secretary Christian Biegler-Powolny announced: “We are now conducting a survey on this problem throughout Lower Austria. We ask all public transport bus drivers to contact us if they do not have the opportunity to go to the toilet or if they do not have suitable break rooms.” Feedback to: [email protected]


(all except Markus Wieser portrait: AKNÖ/ÖGB NÖ): Johnnas Fernandes/ÖGB NÖ

People in photos:

Thomas Stiller
Chairman of the works council Dr. Richard Lower Austria
vida state spokesperson for the road department

Christian Biegler-Powolny
ÖGB Lower Austria Regional Secretary

Additionally in the group photo:

Linda Keizer
ÖGB Lower Austria regional manager

Mirza Omerovic
bus driver
Works council Dr. Richard Lower Austria

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