Cost of air tickets for December

Despite the economic and social effects that the pandemic of the Covid-19, the air transport sector continues to seek its full reactivation. The holiday season is approaching and, with it, a possible increase in the frequency of travels.

However, for most people everything related to prices is an unknown and a concern, since they seem to be more volatile than oil.

The viewer made a series of inquiries that can serve as an orientation to Colombian travelers who have a vacation trip scheduled in December.

It is important to say that the averages indicated below correspond to the last days and could be maintained until the first days of December. However, it is expected that for the last two weeks of December prices will increase by up to 40%, as in the case of Bogotá-Santa Marta, which, as of December 25, will exceed, by Avianca, the $ 345,000.

If one of your purposes this year is to leave the country and visit Panama City, the flight (one way) ranges between $ 730,000 and $ 699,530 with Avianca.

In domestic tourism, according to figures from the Civil Aeronautics, lead Cartagena Y Santa Marta. The aforementioned media pointed out that, if the point of origin is Bogotá and is flown by Avianca, until this week the flight to Cartagena has remained at $ 285,410; for Santa Marta the tickets are $ 253,810.

Not with less volatility, Latam Airlines has kept its rate to Cartagena over $ 195,000. For Santa Marta, the average flight is $ 115,310. Viva AirAfter a large price increase, it has flights from Bogotá to Cartagena at $ 131,324; In the case of Santa Marta, tickets are at $ 106,140.

Cali, another of the most visited destinations in the end of the year season, has to date with Avianca a rate of $ 145,870. With Latam the flight would cost $ 49,900. The cost of the flight by Viva Air would be $ 72,050.

Popayan Y Quibdo, cities with lower demand, remain with similar rates for both EasyFly how put Satena: around $ 260,000.


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