Costa Rica-Benin: South-South mobilization to help mangroves (Replay)

Published on : 24/12/2020 – 11:28

Mangroves, these forests between sea and rivers are fabulous ecosystems. They are nurseries for fish, they protect coasts from erosion and natural disasters, they store more carbon than tropical forests and they are a tourist attraction.

(Replay of April 16, 2020)

Unfortunately, mangroves are among the ecosystems most threatened by population growth in the coastal zone, which leads to their overexploitation. Mexico, Benin and Costa Rica are working on pilot restoration sites. A South-South cooperation which will soon be of use to everyone!

Report from Costa Rica in the largest mangroves in Central America where restoration techniques are being tested, with the Neotropica Foundation.

A program produced with co-financing from the European Union.

Guests :

Janique Etienne, in charge of marine and coastal environments French Global Environment Facility

Ebenezer Houndjinou, director of the NGO Corde in charge of the mangrove restoration project in the Mono delta sector in Benin.

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