Costa Rica prepares to take home the 192 million dollars from the US Powerball lottery

This Saturday, November 21, the Powerball lottery draws a giant prize of more than 117 billion colones. Will there be so much money in your house?

It’s official: the well of EE Powerball de. UU. It did not fall last night and the possibility of becoming a great millionaire will remain available until Saturday.

From Costa Rica you can buy official Powerball tickets, and play for the jackpot of 192 million dollars (117.5 billion colones), this Saturday, November 21, 2020. This is legally possible thanks to the online service: TheLotter.

Thousands of Costa Ricans have used for a long time to safely get official tickets for the Powerball and other foreign lotteries. If you want to know how it works TheLotter, keep reading this note.

The 6 steps to the 117.5 billion colones jackpot

1. Make sure you have an online payment method ready (credit or debit card, e-wallet).

2. Buy your Powerball ticket online at TheLotter.

3. Select your favorite numbers by clicking on them on the online ticket purchase form.

4. A real ticket will be purchased for you from an official Powerball supplier.

5. You will see the scanned receipt of the ticket in your personal account.

6. You will receive a notification every time you win!

Jugar powerball USA TheLotter

The odds of a Costa Rican winning this pot are exactly the same as those of someone playing in the United States. When a Costa Rican buys his tickets at TheLotter and matches all the numbers, he can win the jackpot just as if he were playing from the United States!

The website of TheLotter charges a small service fee, but the good news is that “when you win, we charge no commissions, no matter how big or small the prize is,” said TheLotter representatives.

TheLotter has several Latino winners of foreign lotteries, in addition to a 63-year-old Mexican who won the third prize: $ 50,000 this November, which includes an Ecuadorian who won USD 50,000 in January 2020, and before him, a Colombian won the same sum. But the first on the list is a Salvadoran with a million dollars and a Panamanian with 30 million dollars!


It is the leading messaging service through which people from all over the world can play and dream of winning the most important lotteries. Since its launch in 2002, TheLotter it is still the only legal company to participate in foreign lotteries.

The platform also offers free of charge the possibility to see results and information of the most important lotteries in the world.

Is it legal to win with TheLotter?

TheLotter It is not a lottery or gambling site, but rather a messaging service operated by Lotto Direct Limited, a company licensed and regulated by MGA. The laws of the United States do not prohibit a foreign national from winning the lottery, whether they are a resident or not.

The company already has nearly 6 million winning users to date and totals over $ 100 million paid.

And when a Costa Rican wins … What happens?

When a Costa Rican wins an award in TheLotter, the company pays all the per diem for the winner to claim the prize personally. The winner will not have to pay any commission or extra payment to TheLotter, additionally, a lawyer is offered free of charge to accompany him in the process. When the user wins a secondary prize, it will be transferred directly and automatically to their personal account.

The current well of Powerball of 117.5 billion colones will be raffled on the night of Saturday, November 21, and all Costa Ricans who buy their tickets in TheLotter, they will participate under the same conditions as if they were physically in the United States.

What if this time it’s your turn? It will be a matter of making room at home for such a big prize! Good luck!

Powerball TheLotter is operated by Lotto Direct Limited, a company licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (License: MGA / B2C / 402/2017 issued on 08/01/2018). Service for adults only. Gambling can be harmful if left unchecked. Please play responsibly. For more information, visit the Malta Responsible Gaming Foundation:

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