Costco stops selling desserts and food due to lack of gas

Miguel Vargas The Juarez Journal

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 | 15:37

The lack of natural gas forced the suspension of Costco’s bakery, so there will be no cakes until the power supply is re-established by Gas Natural Del Norte, according to the store.

Also roasted chickens, pizza and the traditional ‘chicken bake’, will not be prepared for the moment, according to the notice.

The trade was part of the restrictions on the supply of natural gas due to the contingency caused by the electricity blackout and the gas company’s strategy for not stopping supplying piped gas to homes.

Costco Mexico reported that the local branch will remain open, but without hot water in the toilets and heating, in addition to the suspension in the production of the aforementioned products with which it has distinguished itself.


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