Cougars. Juan Pablo Vigón and the mutual hatred he had with Alan Mozo

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Mexico City / 04/12/2020 23:29:38

Then of the victory of Pumas against Pachuca in the debut of the eLiga MX, the midfielder Juan Pablo Vigón revealed that one of the worst players he liked was Alan Mozo, whom he met in the feline dressing room and then a new friendship arose.

They both fell bad, he said Vigon, who was even suspicious of the university youth squad when he first arrived at the feline club, where he had the opportunity to get to know him better.

“The truth is that I have always been someone who gets along well with everyone. If there are balls, which have touched teams where there are, I get along well with everyone. Here in Pumas I have to tell you this, the hatred we had for each other when we played against each other was mutual. I hated it, the player I’m going to tell you was horrible“The midfielder told ESPN in an interview via Instagram.

“He also hated me. And then I got to Pumas and I said, what a limp this player is, but right now we are that everywhere we pull together. It’s Alan Mozo. In games if he could, he would go and look for him and give him a little kick. ”


On the other hand, Vigon noted that the coach Miguel González “Míchel” He called him on the phone to ask about the lineup he was about to use in the first game of the university students in the Virtual league.

“Prematch marks me Míchel. ‘What lineup are you going to use?’ I was more nervous. And we started talking and it even worked. He gave me tactical talk, (he told me) what alignment counters what alignment, which system works best. He gave me a class there. ”

The footballer also usually watches matches Barcelona because he likes the idea of ​​being able to play as Sergio Busquets and Arturo vidal.



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