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The Narzo series has its own market segment and is rumored to be separating from Realme. It turns out that this is a clarification from Madhav Seth, VP and CEO of Realme.

Nextren.comreally is one of the trademarks from China which began to aggressively market its devices.

This technology company also seeks to target various groups from the entry-level segment to the flagship segment.

really also has a series devoted to attracting the youth market of millennials and generation Z through the Narzo series.

Currently Narzo is predicted that the arrival of a new generation of smartphones will soon be available, namely really Narzo 30 Series.

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Leaks regarding the cellphone have also been circulating since a few weeks ago and the company has also confirmed the performance of the Dimensity 800U 5G processor it will carry.

But there is something other interesting about the realm Narzo 30 Series.

From the news circulating, the series will be marketed with minimal branding reality.

The back of the device is embossed with the “narzo” logo instead of the usual “realme”.

Then it appears that the realm Narzo 30 Series purchase box shows more of the word “narzo” which is printed quite large in contrasting white.

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Could this be a hint that Narzo will become a brand himself and separate from realm?

Asking about this, VP and CEO of realme India and Europe, Madhav Sheth answered.

Alleged purchase box for the Narzo 30 Series realm.

Compiled from XDA-Developers, Sheth said that the use of the new brand and logo was to serve young players better.

“Narzo is part of the realm and not a sub brand,” he stressed.

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He also emphasized that the Narzo series will continue to be part of the realm.

Embedding features in the series is said to be the same as those owned by the numeric series and the x realme series.

So there is nothing to worry about if narzo will become a trademark of its own.

Again quoting from XDA-Developers, Sheth said, “We have no such plans to bring any special features that will be exclusive to Narzo on the UI front.”

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The main difference in the Narzo series will only come from the processor gaming-centric, big battery, super fast charging technology, and of course a more reasonable price.

Because on the same occasion, boss really it claims that Narzo 30 Series will come at a price that has never been seen by consumers.

Let’s just wait until really actually launched the newest series from Narzo’s.

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