Sport Could you beat German men?

Could you beat German men?


Carli Lloyd has been repeatedly pushed for differences between women and men.

“Do you think the women’s national team could beat the German men’s team?” Asked Noah Finkel, lawyer for the US Football Association, during a dismissal on December 20.

“I’m not sure,” replied the two-time FIFA player of the year.

Finkel asked about an email interview in 2015 that Lloyd had about her agent’s assistant on the Sportskeeda website.

“You wrote that men are faster and stronger, right?” Asked Finkel.

“Yes, if you took that away, it would be a competition,” said Lloyd.

Again and again, members of the U.S. women’s team have been forced to differentiate in detail the differences between their sport, which they dominate, and the game of men in which the Americans fight.

USSF lawyers are trying to show that it is okay to pay women differently than men because the competition is different. The sites made extracts from statements in court files public on Thursday evening.

“The tone during the deposits reflects the kind of condescension that many USSF officials use when talking to players about pay and working conditions,” said Molly Levinson, spokeswoman for the players, including the USSF’s clearly disrespectful and sexist stance and their representatives during the CBA negotiations when they refused to offer anything close to the same fee. ”

The women who were sued last year alleged that the USSF violated Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Equal Pay Act of 1963 when they reached an inferior collective agreement with women than the deal made with American men. They are claiming more than $ 66 million in damages.

The association claims that women have many benefits that men lack, including guaranteed salaries, health insurance, paid childcare, pregnancy and parental leave, severance pay, and access to a 401 (k) pension plan. Men are paid for by the game and the tournament, with most earning most of their income from their club.

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World News :

Acting FIFA Player of the Year Megan Rapinoe was interviewed about her answer in an interview with Pod Save America, saying: “Our compensation structure is different. We play different games. We are different rankings in the world. It’s just apples to oranges. ”

The USSF said the women’s national team grossed $ 101.3 million in gross sales for 238 games from fiscal year 2009 to fiscal 2019, an average of $ 425,446, and men gross sales of $ 185.7 million Dollars for 191 games, an average of $ 972,147. Women had a net loss of $ 27.6 million over 11 years and men lost $ 3.13 million.

“The international football environment in which MNT players compete is in many ways far more competitive than that in which applicants compete,” said the USSF in one of its filings with the court. ” MNT players have less chance of being successful in the face of such a bigger competition. In short, MNT players have to get more and / or better results against tougher competition in order to qualify and be successful in a tournament competition. ”

Subject to an agreement, the trial is set to begin on May 5 at the Los Angeles District Court. The five-year contract for women runs until 2021 while men play under the terms of a contract that expired on December 31.

During her retirement on January 15, former U.S. coach Jill Ellis testified that she had learned that men were chartered at times and women were not. The USSF spent approximately $ 10.7 million on hotels for men and approximately $ 7.3 million on women in fiscal years 2012-2020. Air travel during this period was approximately $ 6.3 million for women and $ 14.3 million for men, many of whom are based in Europe. The USSF increased first and business class travel for women in 2017.

During her dropout on December 20, Lloyd spoke about personal training with the Medford Strikers U18 boys team in New Jersey.

” It’s different in the sense that men are taller, stronger, and faster. This is her makeup. There is none – there is no denial of science in this regard, ”she said. ” But I’m the smartest player there. So if you lose your speed, your athleticism and your strength, it’s the same game. ”

Former USSF President Sunil Gulati used a comparison with an NBA star during a deposition on December 17 to point out differences.

“LeBron James doesn’t get a 15 point bonus and the Lakers who finish the playoffs,” he said. “The expectations of him vary depending on who they play against, what – who he is, how high the level is.”


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