Council: approved the accession of Sunchales to the “Year of homage to the Nobel Prize in Medicine Dr. César Milstein”

(By: Press Council) – In its Extraordinary Session on Wednesday, January 27, the Municipal Council approved Ordinance No. 2887, by means of which 2021 was declared the “Year of Tribute to the Nobel Prize in Medicine Dr. César Milstein”.

Article Nº 2 establishes the mandatory use of said legend in the official documentation of the local, centralized and decentralized public administration, as well as in the autarkic entities dependent on it and the Municipal Council.

As always happens in this type of approval, it was also established that the Municipal Executive and the Legislative Body should develop activities, educational programs and other dissemination actions that contribute to recall and value the figure of Dr. César Milstein, his legacy and his valuable contribution to scientific development.

“In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, declared by the World Health Organization, the role of scientific research as a tool and as a means to achieve recovery, socio-economic development, job creation and equality is undeniable. of opportunities. It is also sixty years since the return of Dr. César Milstein to the Argentine Republic, an opportunity in which he was appointed Head of the Department of Molecular Biology of the National Institute of Microbiology Carlos Malbrán ”, said Councilor María Alejandra Bugnon de Porporatto when supporting the presented project together with the mayor Horacio Bertoglio.

Regarding the arguments, reference was also made to Decree No. 18/2021 that declared at the national level the “Year of Tribute to the Nobel Prize in Medicine Dr. César Milstein” and his important contributions were detailed.

His legacy transcended the borders of the country and his discovery of monoclonal antibodies set a milestone in the history of medicine and influenced various specialties such as immunology, oncology, biotechnology, as well as industry. As a result of these findings, in recent years it has been possible to develop various innovative drugs and they have also made it possible to improve survival rates and quality of life for cancer patients.

This scientific achievement, achieved together with the British Niels Kai Jerne and the German Georges Jean Franz Köhler, earned him recognition in 1984 by being awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Dr. Milstein maintained a deep commitment to science and promoted universal access and availability of knowledge for society as a whole, renouncing personal economic benefits and rewards.

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